Let me introduce myself – I am Nic…the crazy Scottish cat lady who started this blogger


I have a blog – that you’re reading – so my first job should be to introduce myself. I’m a feisty Scot with a love of red wine, dinners out with Jim the Hubby – and my job – PR genius within the world of B2B tech!

I went to university in Liverpool and trained as a journalist but didn’t follow that as a career. Instead I landed in the world of PR and haven’t looked back since.

I spend so much of my time writing tech-savvy communications that, to enjoy my time off work but still keeping a dab hand on further developing my writing skills, I figured it would be fun if I started my own blog. But what topic to blog about? Well, with five cats, the answer was simple. I would write about them – aka the Furry Babies.

Why cats? Well for a start, there are so many baby/parenting blogs that I figured mine would be something similar but extolling the virtues of the kitty as opposed to the kiddie. Besides, I don’t have any children of my own so the Furry Babies are just that for me – and many other cat owners!

Crazy cat lady I am and you’d be surprised just how many of us there actually are. I have five in my small circle of friends alone!

Now that you know who I am, let me introduce you to each of the Furry Babies….







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I hope you enjoy reading My Moggies and Me.