Amber Howlett lost her tail, but not her spirit

Amber Howlett is our Moggy of the Week, as her story inspired us and we were blown away by her sheer strength of will and her dad,’s devotion to his little furry princess.

This beautiful tabby is a scrappy survivor, her dad, John, told us:

“In June last year we could hear Amber being attacked in the night. She made it home, but we soon discovered that she had a fractured pelvis, ruptured hernia and tail pull injury.”

John doesn’t know what Amber had been attacked by but she became incontinent and suffered horrendous urine scalds.

Two different vets have given up on her and wanted to put her to sleep, but John refused to even entertain that idea.

“She has had to suffer a buster collar for over 6 months, but now it’s January and the scalds have all gone. Her wounds have healed and her incontinence is improving…slowly. She has lost her tail but not her spirit. She still is full of life and mischief and that is why we love her and did not give up on her.”

We were so pleased to hear to that John did not give up on Amber, despite the two vets advising him otherwise – they’re not always right, are they it seems!?! – so we just wanted to recognise Amber’s strength of spirit by naming her our Moggy of the Week as a reward for all of the hardship she has been through over the past year.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is a better year for her, and her brave and loyal and kitty-daft dad!

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