Athena Wheatsone is a very wise companion


This is Athena Wheatstone, our Moggy of the Week.

The cheeky wee monkey was nominated by her mum, Kristia, a former American who now lives over here in good old Blighty, because – as per her namesake, Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and (military!) victory, this cute furr-bundle is wise enough to know just when her mum needs her, and comes over to spend time with Kristia and to keep her company and cheer her up.

Kristia told us: “Athena’s my best friend and she follows me everywhere. When my depression gets to be too much, she cuddles with me and reminds me that she would miss me if I was gone.”

Athena was given to Kristia as a companion shortly after she moved here from across the pond, so she wouldn’t be lonely while settling into her new UK homestead. And, happily, we can say that the companion gift was something that has definitely worked, as Kristia is still here and hasn’t fled back to the States…just yet anyway!

Athena spends most of the day following Kristia around, or sleeping, so is a very typical cat, but Kristia said she is also a fantastic companion and her company keeps Kristia motivated and happy.

Cats really are excellent companions and we’re happy to know that Kristia and Athena have a very close relationship.

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