Bad tooth – OUT!

Attentive Caesar

Caesar’s trip to the vets on Wednesday went well but, rather than having a common cat cold as I had thought, the vet confirmed that he actually has an abscess in his top left front tooth!
The abscess is due to Caesar’s tooth rotting and the swelling caused by the dead tooth has affected the tooth’s nerve, making it swollen too. In fact the tooth’s never is so swollen that it is rubbing up against the side of Caesar’s nasal cavity  That irritation has been making Caesar sneeze exactly like he would have done if he had a cold!
The vet gave Caesar an anti inflammatory shot and says that the dead tooth in question needs to be removed via surgery next week, after the swelling will have gone down.
Poor Caesar. He must have been in pain, or at least suffering discomfort, for a few days if not weeks.

Tooth abscesses are commonly caused by rotting teeth – which can be the result of bacteria – like we humans get – building up around the root of the tooth or along the gum line, It’s not like cats can brush their own teeth, which is why it is important that pet owners and parents either do this for them or buy tooth-friendly food including Dentabits, which have been specially developed to help keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy, buy them chewing them to remove the tartar and build-up of old food on their teeth.

Now I have always known that Caesar does not have the best teeth. He came to me as a skinny dirty poorly stray five years ago and his teeth were all rotting, had looking and ready to fall out then.
Tooth abscesses can, however, also come about if your cat has suffered any broken teeth – as the result of being hit by a car or falling too far a distance or getting into a scrap with a much larger kitty. So, if you don’t have a cat toothbrush or want to buy tooth-friendly or hard kibble foods for your cat (for example if their dietary needs don’t allow such things) then the next best thing is to book your cat in to see a vet at least once a year for a check-up that includes their teeth.
Regular dental check-ups required

We go to the dentist for regular check-ups, and so should our kitties.

So, to prevent Caesar from any further discomfort, Jim the Hubby and I will be booking him in for his operation next week as soon as I get home to take him myself.
The vet said that, looking at Caesar’s teeth and how bad they are – even though I’d been feeding him Dentabits – the abscess causing tooth may not be the only one that needs to be taken out. The vet can’t guarantee that other abscesses won’t occur so he will let us know after a proper examination next week – and before the surgery takes place – just how many teeth my poor little hobo, Caesar, is likely to lose.
I’m not worried about this too much though as I know even totally toothless cats can still eat. They can’t eat dry food and biscuits easily but Caesar will still be able to enjoy wet food and some softer specialist biscuits.
I promise to let you know how Caesar’s surgery goes and what food he gets on with afterwards. Fingers crossed.

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