BB the Birman is a true gent

BeaBea Murphy is our chosen Moggy of the Week as his true gentlemanly nature made the whole MyMoggiesandMe team smile.

A 6 year old Seal Point Birman kitty, BeaBea (or BB as his mum Michelle nicknamed him) is in Michelle’s words “an absolute gentleman. He is the sweetest, tolerant (of my 4.5 year old), affectionate little man. He loves nothing more than snuggles with his Mama.”

The Birman breed of cat is a stunning, long-haired kitty that keeps its beautiful blue eyes and also has distinctive white socks on each paw. They are very soft and snuggly cats that are not backwards in coming forwards when it’s time to eat – but then again how many cats actually stay quite when they want fed!?! Birmans are also very playful and love company – they are not cats that tend to like being left alone or having no company. In fact, the Birman is one of just

BeaBea is an indoor cat that snoozes all day long, and comes awake at night, trying his hardest to keep his whole family up and awake just like he is, showing how active and cheeky the Birman can be. Just like our Bombay Black cat, Akira, BeaBea absolutely hates doors being closed and paws at them until someone opens them, even if he doesn’t want in or at at all. Michelle confided in us that he’s exactly the same with wardrobe doors too. As soon as you open them he’s happy again and walks away with a smug look as if to say ‘my work here is done!’

A beautiful furry boy, BeaBea is also a complete headbanger though, but not in the rock and roll way – instead he constantly bumps and bangs his head all over you until you give him the attention that he craves, which we think is adorable.

Michelle went on to say that poor BB “has been in the wars a little recently. Only 3 weeks ago we found out he is suffering from gingivitis. He has had to have a few teeth taken out and a good clean up. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked and his gums are still very sore, so we are back to the drawing board with regular checks and possibly more teeth extracted.  I often find him curled up asleep in the washing basket tucked away at the bottom of my wardrobe, and it’s not unheard of to find him asleep under the duvet of my bed. He’s a super cuddly boy, & loves nothing more than a snuggle up with his Mummy (me!). Most mornings I wake up to him snuggled right into me purring away.”

Here’s to BB – the perfect wake up call – being recognised as our Moggy of the Week this week.

To adopt a Birman kitty of your own, you can contact the Birman Welfare and Rescue team or the Seal and Blue Point Birman Cat Club, where the teams are offering adoption and foster places to kind cat-loving homes right now. You may be asked to make a donation to the charity but it’s likely to be a minimal amount just to help them keep going. And remember, adopt, don’t shop! Also, don’t be put off by the age of a Birman cat that’s in need of a new home as it is common for this type of kitty to live to 18+ years old and very rarely develop or have health problems.

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