Bilbo Baggins – a beautiful British Blue

Bilbo Baggins with MoW logo

This is Bilbo Baggins and he is a three year old British Blue who is just one of four pets belonging to Suman, Mike and family.

His mum Suman says: “Like his namesake, Bilbo enjoys adventures of the outdoor kind. He goes outdoors at his leisure but never seems too far away, although I’d still love to know where he goes! A quick shake of his favourite treats always brings him running. Bilbo is best pals with our one year old Japanese Spitz called Nanuk. They often groom each and we sometimes find Bilbo snuggled in Nanuk’s basket at bedtime. From being a kitten, Bilbo has loved and been fascinated by water. Human bath time is a major highlight and in particular the bubbles! Looking at the bubbles, then sniffing the bubbles and finally trying to catch the bubbles, which ends in the inevitable….cat overboard.

20141217_132948(1)Like our other pets Bilbo enjoys the open fire and will sit and gaze at the flames with us. His favourite spot on the sofa is a little groove on the top left hand side where he curls up like a Chelsea bun. One of the loveliest things about British Short Hairs is their affectionate nature and that goes for Bilbo too. There has never been a claw drawn in anger against anybody, even when I may have snuggled him for longer than he’d like, which by the way, is all too easy to do. Climbing the apple tree in our garden as well as the Christmas tree has given Bilbo hours of fun. Even though the decorations take a bashing every year, we love to watch him jingling the baubles and tapping the tinsel.”

Cats simply love to climb trees and, like other mischievous kitties , naughty Bilbo has made his families Christmas tree his home over the festive season. We think that he is a real cutie pie and are happy to announce that this baby faced British Blue is our Moggy of the Week.

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