Brave Twoflower is our Moggy of the Week


We couldn’t stop thinking about little Twoflower, that poor kitten dumped in a skip by some heartless human.

So, to celebrate him being found and taken care of by kindly staff at Yorkshire Cat Rescue, we are naming this brave wee tuxedo cat our Moggy of the Week.

His foster mum, Sheila Pepper, who live sin Skipton, says: : “Twoflower is a real character – into absolutely everything and trotting around as if he owns the place. He always stands in the middle of the plate of food and eats outwards which makes a right mess but it’s adorable all the same. He doesn’t know how lucky he is, but whoever decides to offer him a home will know just how close he came to a fate it doesn’t even bear thinking about.”

We think he sounds like the perfect companion so would love anyone interested in adopting him, or his siblings – Ponder Sibbons, Mustrum Ridcully, Eskarina and Rincewind – to contact the Yorkshire Cat Rescue on 01535 647 184. The cat rescue centre has too many cats needing rehoming so visit their website for more information:

For Twoflower’s kindly rescuers, our generous sponsor Present Purrfections will send you out a free foldaway cat bag to enjoy.

Please do send us pics of Twoflower and his siblings as they grow. We would love to know when they find their furrever homes and see how they are doing!


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