Diabetic Casey from Fife is our Moggy of the Week

A beautiful cat from our neck of the woods named Casey is this week’s chosen Moggy of the Week, as her story of being diagnosed with diabetes touched us – the entire MyMoggiesandMe team feels for her and her mum, Karen Wells from Dunfermline.

Why? Well because I myself am a Type 1 diabetic so know how hard it is to manage this condition with daily injections.

I can’t quite believe that Casey’s brave mum, Karen, who lives in Fife has to do those for her wee furry baby each and every day.

Karen commented: “My cat is an 18 and a half year old female tabby called Casey and she deserves to win as she was diagnosed last summer with diabetes and twice a day I was having to inject her with insulin. She also had numerous trips to the vets to monitor her blood sugar. But she was a little trooper and after 3 months I had her blood sugar under control and she was able to come off the insulin. Unfortunately just before Christmas she started displaying the symptoms again and on Christmas Eve I had her back at the vets and the diabetes has come back so she is back on insulin twice a day. She never complains when I inject her and I think she deserves to be your Moggy of the Week as it’s been a hard 6 months for her.”

Well we agree Karen but she had some more unfortunate news to share about why brave wee Casey.

“I had Casey at the vet today for her monthly glucose test to see how the insulin is doing, it’ll be a few days til I get the results. But on an unfortunate note, he took a urine sample and tested it and poor Casey now has kidney disease as well which cannot be cured but can be managed through a change in diet. I feel so sorry for her.”

We hope that Casey appreciates how fortunate she is to have a great mum like Karen and that she continues to enjoy sunbathing in the garden, which Karen says is her favourite pastime.

Congratulations to this fantastic wee Fifer – our chosen winner this week.

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