Cat-opoly – a purrfect gift for cat lovers


So for some reason I totally missed the release of this brand new kitty-oriented Monopoly game – or Cat-opolgy as it is called – which came out just before Christmas.  And it is only thanks to my dear friend Ewen that I now know about it – thanks Ewen!

Cat-opoly is kinda like the traditional board game, but better as it has you trading in buying houses for purchasing pussy cats instead. You can play as one of the six adorable cat related pieces – a tin of sardines, a fish, a mouse, a tin of tuna, a bottle of milk or a ball of wool….all cats’ favourites but note how the first five are all food-related – rather than the old kettle, iron etc icons.

Basically, you buy cat breeds – Sphinx, Persian, Bengal, Siamese, Maine Coon…you get the gist – and then go round the board picking up kitty-related items like litter boxes and trading them in for fish bones.

Cat-opoly is exactly the same as Monopoly in that as you go round the board, the types of cat available for purchase increase in value and price just like the houses did on the streets in the original game.

Cat-opoly though has little kitty-quirks such as being thrown in the water rather  than going to jail, collecting catnip instead of £200 as you pass ‘Go’ and having to pay dog tax to get safely past the neighbourhood bulldog without a scrap, rather than income tax.

For 2 – 6 players, aged 8 years upwards, this game is a purrfect gift for cat lovers. Priced at £26.95 when it originally came out in December 2015, the game is now up to £36.95 from some stockists due to mega popular demand making it limited availability in just three months.

So, if truth be told, I was a bit peeved that Hubby Jim had not bought it for me – after all, I am le crazy cat lady, right – and an avid player of The Crazy Cat Lady Board Game!?!!

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