NEWS: Cats warring over ‘Brexit’ on Twitter has fur flying


Ahead of tomorrow’s European Union (EU) Referendum, it has come to light that cats are now weighing in with their thoughts on the ‘Brexit’ debate.

The hashtags #CatsAgainstBrexit and #CatsForBrexit began to flood Twitter on Monday and Tuesday of this week, as pro- and anti-Brexit supporters tweeted on behalf of their pets, urging Twitter followers to support their cat’s preference on whether Britain should leave or remain a part of the EU.

#CatsAgainstBrexit felines were asking followers to ignore the financial and EU policy lies and cross the REMAIN box on their ballots tomorrow while #CatsForBrexit felines urged readers to stand firm and demand UK independence by crossing the LEAVE box.

“Rani is really worried that Siamese, Burmese and Persian cats will be deported,” said one #CatsAgainstBrexit owner while another stated that “as a former stray/refugee, her cat Bella was a firm supporter to REMAIN.

However the #CatsForBrexit kitties had something to say about the fishing industry with more than a few of them citing Brexit as the only way “to save the livelihood of our fisherman” and “UK fishing quotas”, and urging followers to LEAVE.

One cat, Harry, is still on the fence though, according to his owner, who said he “is still on the fence and has a paw in both camps”.

Even the politicians were getting involved once the hashtags started trending – and two of the Conservative’s members of Parliament were at odds: “Naughty Cat worries we’ll be on the outside looking in, missing influence we once had #CatsAgainstBrexit,” tweeted Nicola Blackwood, MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, while Maria Caulfield, MP for Lewes, tweeted: “My cat is praying for #Brexit #CatsForBrexit”.

Others found light hearted comic relief in the hashtags by using them alongside photos of cats doing everyday cat things and likening their fickle nature to that of the indecisiveness still sweeping the country with less than 24 hours until polls open.

One owner tweeted “Honestly I think cats would vote out, but then immediately miaow loudly to get back in again”.

The probability of Britain exiting the EU by 2017 was at 51 per cent to REMAIN and 49 per cent to LEAVE according to the most recent poll – showing that anything could happen and Friday’s results could very well go either way.

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