Catsan – simply the best cat litter?

A 20L bag of Catsan Hygiene Litter – and Caesar

We, and our five kitties, have tried pretty much every single cat litter out there in an attempt to find one that we all like, that actually does more than just harbour cat waste. Having five felines means needing a cat litter that is absorbent but also odour neutralizing or scented to stop the place getting whiffy.

As you might expect, the cheaper cat litters all seem to be good for one or even two days at a stretch, but pretty soon they became smelly and our litter trays became damp with the clumped cat litter, which was difficult for us to scrape off every time we had to change the litter – which, for five cats, is twice a week!

Is Catsan really as good as everyone says?

After going through every type of cat litter known to man, we decided that the slightly more expensive ones were the best so we’d fork out for them. This brings us to Catsan – which is the brand that my friends, mostly all cat parents too, had been raving about. We decided to give Catsan Hygiene Litter a go as we wanted to see if it really matched up to the high ratings it was getting from other cat peeps.

A best-selling cat litter online and in shops, Catsan Hygiene Litter is quite simply fantastic – why?

Odour neutralising

Well firstly because it doesn’t just do the obligatory odour neutralising but it also does top need number two – clumping when wet so you can take out the patches your cats have used without needing to empty and replace the entire amount. Doing this on a daily basis means you get most out of this cat litter as, thanks to its micro-pores rapidly soaking up moisture like a sponge and then locking it into the litter itself, you can scoop up and remove areas easily without taking lots of the litter with your every scoop. Just op the litter up every couple of days if needed.

Made up in part of chalk, this cat litter is distinctively white coloured, so anything in it stands out a mile, making it easy to check if it needs to be scooped or not. The small stone-like texture of the litter was good for sealing in any cat scents from kitty wee but did not entirely cover up kitty poops. This meant that if, like a couple of our cats, your feline is not all that fussed on properly burying number twos, it may not completely mitigate the stench. However it is by far the best of all the litters that we have ever tried as it did its job by minimizing the scent of cat litter trays up to 90 per cent.

Our only complaint

For some reason – maybe due to the size of the stones this litter is made up of – every time one of our five cats came out of the litter tray they brought bits of Catsan litter with them – and it ended up on every floor possible in little white nugget piles, which meant that our vacuuming went from twice a week to pretty much every day – not great!

Where to buy it

Anyhoo, in summary, Catsan is definitely the cat litter that we like best at this point – we’ve got a couple of new ones to test out during the week, so that may change. It is available from many places, and at the time we write this the best discount offer is via Bitiba, where 20 litres is currently priced at £8.79, but we got it from Asda as it only cost us £10.40 for a 20 litre bag. However, you can also get it for that same price from Amazon  and a number of other online sites.


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