Dexter – rescued and adopted from Cats Protection

This week’s Moggy of the Week is 4 year old cute, wee, fluffy Dexter Holloway – what an ace name!

He was rescued and adopted from Cats Protection 2 years ago by his mum Steph, who told us that he’s had a pretty rubbish start in life.

Last year, he was incredibly poorly and had to have a life-saving operation. But he’s on the mend now that Steph and his family have nursed him back on the road road to recovery.

Steph said he’s finally at a point where he is happy and she wanted us to name him Moggy of the Week as he absolutely deserves it.

In Steph’s words: “Dexter brightened up our lives in September 2014 when we rescued him from Cats Protection.  I still remember how loud his purrs were when we first met him.  He is a bit of a dribbler too when he gets very happy!  Dexter has been through so much in his 4 years of life as he had recurrent urinary problems, has been on oodles of antibiotics, painkillers and even underwent a life-saving operation.  Through all of this, he still cuddles up to me at bedtime and sleeps on my pillow though.  He is so loved and very lovable himself – he’s a brilliant cat and has so much love to give in return.  He loves nothing more than a piece of string dangled in front of his eyes and fresh tuna!”

Here’s to your long life of happy love and fussing with your new family Dexter.



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