Ear ear – meet Kreacher, the four eared cat

Kreacher MoW

Mother Nature is an amazing woman – and here is one example of why – Kreacher, the cat with four – yes you read that right – FOUR ears.

Kreacher is our Moggy of the Week as we think individuality is to be celebrated and that all kitties – whatever their size, shape, colour, temperament or beginnings – are beautiful and deserving of TLC.


Kreacher lives in New Jersey with his mum, Jen Welsh, who works at a rescue centre for animals. He’s five years old and, curiously, was born with four ears, not just the regular two of other felines. Kreacher was handed into the animal shelter where Jen works – along with his two kitty siblings – when he was just six weeks old and Jen immediately fell I love with this gorgeous baby boy.

Now cats have excellent hearing as it is but some many think Kreacher can hear extra well, but in fact his additional two ears don’t actually work. Extra ears are not an unheard of occurrence in cats – as famous grey kitty Yoda from Illinois also has them and one cat in Russian was reported to have been born with seven ears back in 2004 – but it is a rare condition so makes them extra special felines.

Kreacher’s extra ears are tucked behind his working ones and are smaller so sometimes go unnoticed unless you look at him from above. Having four ears does mean that Kreacher has some other non-regular kitty ailments, including some facial paralysis and being much more petite sized than the average adult cat, but other than that he is perfectly healthy and happy.


Extra ears on cats is a recessive mutation and researchers believe that it’s caused by a development abnormality rather than being a hereditary condition.

So, here’s to cats everywhere, whatever they look like. They are still by far my favourite animals and a close-knit part of my very own family.

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