A gentle giant of a cat

Our Moggy of the Week is Chizzy Brunton.

Chizzy’s mum, Charlie, told us that although he is  just over a year old, Chizzy is already a fair sized kitty. Here is a photo of him with his wee sister, Nellie, who is a Bengal cat!

Charlie says: “I think Chizzy deserves to be named your Moggy of the Week because he welcomed our little Bengal kitten, Nellie, so beautifully. They instantly became best friends and they are now inseparable! They play, cause mischief and nap together, as well as working as a team to charm treats out of me!

“Chizzy always seems to know when I am having a particularly bad day and he’ll come snuggle up to me and give me a little purr. He is really quite a big boy, but he’s so gentle and delicate in the way he moves. He’s just scrumptious.”

We couldn’t agree more Charlie – Chizzy truly is a beautiful gentle giant of a cat.


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