Happy Meow Year


Happy Meow Year everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the time off and seasonal fun as much as me and my family – including our five furry babies – did.

I have had such a great reaction to the Cats at Christmas post I put up before the festive break….so I decided – after seeing such great photos of other people’s cats enjoying the run up to the big day – to take shots of my five rescue cats on Christmas day itself, to show you how they reacted and what they made of it.

Ripley the paper queen

Now perhaps unsurprisingly, Ripley the kitten – our youngest, at just 8 months now – was most interested in us unwrapping presents. It happened to be her first ever Christmas mind so she was particularly fascinated by the sound of the paper tearing as we got into the presents. She was also fairly humoured by the fluttering of the wrapping sheets as we chucked them onto the floor to make a huge pile of torn paper right in the middle of our rug – which Ripley then used as a comfy sleeping spot, lol.

Loki the tree elf


Loki was also in about the gift’s wrapping paper pile as a place to sleep though and we had to move him eventually, to get the stuff in a paper bin and make room for the dinner table. So he just moved to under the tree – both on top of the presents we had yet to unwrap later when family arrived and after the tree had no more presents left underneath it.

In fact, he took such a shine to sleeping under the tree that we started calling him Sheldon for the day as he was acting kinda like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and claiming under the tree as his ‘spot’. This was proven by him looking less than impressed by his cousin Sparkles visiting and approaching his under the tree turf.

Akira upstairs and Buffy down

We didn’t see any sign of Akira, who tends to live upstairs on the bed nowadays anyway, or Buffy – as she mostly stayed in the kitchen staring intently at the oven door. Reckon she smelled the turkey and beef I was cooking! But then they are our oldest two bar Caesar so the newness and excitement of Christmas is simply lost of them now.

A hallway-guarding Caesar

Caesar had a little go on the tinsel from the tree and spent the day wrapped in that fast asleep in the hallway – out of the way, thankfully. He didn’t move the entire day except to come and get his lunch, which was a few strips of the turkey I had cooked and IAMs Delights, which he is addicted to now.

I realise that my shots are nowhere near as good a quality as those sent in to me but honestly my little mites were not that great at keeping still to have a picture taken – it seems they are all a tad camera shy! But all in all, it was an ace day and I think our cats liked the new cat nip toys and treats that we had given to them all.

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