Hector, a lucky Gumtree-sale survivor

Hector is a very lucky cat that survived being sold on Gumtree by a very nasty non-pet friendly seller.

His mum told us the whole story, which honestly made us want to cry!

“Hector had such a bad start in life being sold on Gumtree. When I went to collect him, there was numerous dead animals in the owner’s house and Hector was clearly not the 12 weeks advertised. So I called the RSPCA who came to the house. The stench of urine clung to my clothes as I went home on public transport with Hector. I took him to my vet for a check up only to find out that he was around 7 weeks old, malnourished, flea ridden and had worms.”

We were shocked by Hector’s story as so many people fail to realise what treatment and care is involved in making the best life for your cat. Fleas and worms are easy to get rid of using medication on a monthly basis but, even more horrifying, the Gumtree seller had obviously not been feeding poor Hector enough if he was malnourished.

Even though we are strictly adopt, don’t shop advocates, in this case we could not be happier that Hector was lucky enough to have been sold on Gumtree to his conscientious new mum, who happily reports that he is now a year old, full of life and a complete bundle of energy that she and her family couldn’t love him more if they tried.

Well done to her too for contacting the RSPCA. If any of our readers ever see pets in need of vets or of any care, do always contact the one of the cat authorities, Cats Protection and RSPCA are just two but your local area is likely to also have one nearby.

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