Kizzy – brave until the window cleaner arrives


Kizzy snuggling in her favourite spot – the cat tree

Our Moggy of the Week is Kizzy, a Russian Blue tabby, that was luckily re-homed after her parents realised that they didn’t have the time needed to really look after wee Kizzy and her sister Asher.

Having gone from working part-time to full-time, the selfless couple realised that Kizzy and Asher both needed more time and attention spent on them rather than being left home alone for most of the working day, so they put the two beautiful girls up for adoption – free to the right, good home.

We understand just how difficult it is to make that sort of a decision and are very impressed by how brave and selfless Kizzy and Asher’s original mum and dad were in realising that their girls would do better in new homes. And that’s exactly how Kizzy came to live with new mum, Carol, who said: “Kizzy is 3 & a half years old.  We were lucky enough to find her and her sister Asher advertised on a site for re-homing cats locally where the couple said they were looking for someone with more time to take them as the man of the house had recently gone from part time to full time work and they were being left for long periods, which wasn’t fair on them.  They had been very well looked after and didn’t take long to settle in with us.”

Kizzy is a contented cat, who always finds the warmest places to snooze in her family’s cottage, whether that is on a patch of the carpet where the sun is shining through on or draped across the top of a radiator. In fact Carol told us, she even lies in the bath after someone has gotten out as the base is still warm .. now that is true heat-seeking devotion.

Russian Blue cats are usually fairly tranquil kitties but they are well known for their friendliness and intelligence Some Russian Blues have been known to play fetch, open doors, and  their owners swear that they are super sensitive to human emotions, so if you’re upset, your Russian Blue will be too.

Just like Kizzy, Russian Blues enjoy playing with a variety of toys and Claire let slip that Kizzy’s favourites are toys that she can chase around. She particularly loves ‘Da Bird’ cat toy, an interactive cat toy with feathers that she chases around until she tires herself out then finally flops down for a rest. She is still scared of the hoover and crawls under the duvet though.

Claire revealed. “Her biggest fear is the window cleaner!  She hates the rattle of the ladder!  But, we love her to bits, she enjoys her cuddles and certainly keeps us amused with her antics!”

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