Leo DiCatrio – going from strength to strength!


Before we announce tomorrow’s Moggy of the Week, I just wanted to draw attention to a previous winner – Leo DiCatrio – receiving further recognition of his cuteness.

It seems like we are ahead of the game in identifying the cutest cats, as our first ever Moggy of the Week winner – the lovely Leonardo DiCatrio – has only gone and been noticed by the Etantis British Shorthairs cat community on Facebook.

Leo is now just over eight months old and his mummy Nicola, from Fife in Scotland, has had him since he was 13 weeks old.

He was an early Christmas present from her parents and we thought that he deserved to win Moggy of the Week back in February since he’s made his mummy very happy and is, in her own words, “my furry baby – he definitely rules the roost! He has a smooth temperament, a happy purr and keeps me on my toes. He likes his biscuits, and his kip. He also enjoys running up and down the stairs. I wouldn’t be without him.”

Cats – whether they are rescue, stray, friend acquired or cat home adopted – are just great companions and we’re pleased that other cat groups are noticing just how cute and worthy wee Leo is. Long may it continue!

And, if you’d like your cat to follow in Leo’s footsteps and win our Moggy of the Week competition then all you have to do is email us a photo of your kitty with their name and some details on where you got them, what makes them so special and your social media handle to info@mymoggiesandme.co.uk.

UPDATE: Nicola, Leo’s mum, has messaged to say: “I am a proud mummy 😊 Leo’s pedigree name is Etlantis Harris, as he came from the home of Etlantis. Leo is soon to have a wee brother, stay tuned……. 😄 xxx”


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