Lucky Buster – the brave!


Our Moggy of the Week this week is little Buster Izzy, the luckiest cat in the world, according to his mum Bella.

Buster is a proper little trooper, Bella says, as he was found in a cardboard box at the side of the road as a kitten, with his siblings, who had sadly all died.

She told us: “Buster, who is now two, was rescued from a box left at the side of the road. All of his siblings were dead but he bounced back and is so soppy, and always hangs out with the dog.”

His sad start to life made us all feel bad but Buster seems to be a fairly fearless wee one and, thankfully, he’s also very lucky…..he was recently attacked by a fox in the garden but survived that too.

Buster’s war wounds from his tussle with a fox

Buster was housebound for a bit though, so we thought – looking at how nasty his fox war wounds were – that we’d recognize his bravery by naming him our Moggy of the Week.

Here’s to the bravery of little Buster – the luckiest cat in the world.

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