Mackarel tabbies – the friendliest of cats

This stunning wee mackarel tabby cat is Stimpy Rae and he’s been selected as our Moggy of the Week thanks to his super friendly and cheerful manner.

Like all mackarel tabbies, or tiger cats as they are otherwise known, Stimpy is a very playful and friendly kitty, so not even slightly aloof like many believe most tiger cats will be. In fact, just like our very own Loki, who loves hanging around with us and is very attached to Hubby Jim in particular, Stimpy and his mum, Leanne, are close and he makes her days brighter.

She told us: “Stimpy deserves to win Moggy of the Week because he always cheers me up and is the most loving wee soul ever. He makes friends with everyone he meets, instantly and always loves a pet/cuddle. His face brightens up everyone’s day and he loves to pose.”

We can see that from the cute photo Leanne sent in of Stimpy chilling out on his cat tree. 

Mackarel tabbies are extremely gentle and laid back by nature, but they do also enjoy being the centre of attention and are keen on going out and exploring. So, if you’re thinking of getting a tabby like Stimpy and Loki, make sure you give them as much attention and fuss as you can, and they will reward you for your efforts. They are very intelligent cats and can even be trained (slightly), so are definitely worth investing the time in getting to know.

Here’s to Stimpy, Loki and all of the other Tabby Cats out there – you’re definitely a unique breed of kitty.

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