Merry Cats-mas everyone!


With today being the very last Friday before Christmas, we wanted to use this week’s Moggy of the Week post to celebrate how truly festive cats can be.

For the entire month, we have been asking you, our lovely kitty-loving readers, to send us pictures showing why your cat(s) have the Xmas factor – and you seemed to be extremely inspired to get snapping!

You sent us shots of everything from crazy cats climbing into the branches of Christmas trees – pine and fake to make them their resting spots for the season, and lazy kitties nestled into a wreath ringed sleep spot to cute ones showing our furry friends looking snug and warm in Santa Claws hats, plus a few of kitties either being the present themselves or just trying to open one.

Here are just some of the few that we received……that we think are gorgeous and our favourites!

The Santa Clawses:



Purrfect Presents:



Treeee Kittieeees:






Have a fantastic Christmas and Hogmanay everyone. May you and your kitties enjoy this season – and spoil one another rotten.



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