Milo Howlett from Biggleswade

This is Milo – he is our Moggy of the Week.

A rescue cat who has become happy, hilarious and affectionate since his life has been filled with love from being adopted by the Howlett family in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, Milo’s mum Rachel told us:

“I have never seen a cat that makes people laugh so much – we often play him the videos made for cats on the television and he has us in hysterics as he jumps up at the screen trying to catch the birds and falls back down again. He loves chasing his fish on stick and we laugh out loud as he turns somersaults in the air trying to grab it!”

Rachel went on to say that Milo is a great comforter too though as whenever any of the family have had a bad day, he snuggles up on their lap and listens to their problems while they stroke his soft fur and give him the loving that he is giving to them.

He has however developed a funny new habit, according to Rachel: “Milo‘s latest habit is falling asleep on my sister’s laptop whilst she’s trying to watch TV programmes on it. But he’s so cute she doesn’t want to move him so she has gotten used instead to watching things with him blocking part of the screen!”

As many cat-lovers will tell you, Milo is not just a pet, he is a friend and the Howletts all feel that he deserves to be treated with being named this week’s Moggy of the Week.

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