Montpellier Turnbull is the best big bro

This week’s Moggy of the Week is Montpellier Turnbull – we are lurving that name btw. He is a six year old mackerel tabby cat from Redcar, East Cleveland – in Yorkshire, England, not across the pond in Ohio!

Montpellier was brought to our attention for the Moggy of the Week title by his mum, Stacey, who said: “He deserves to win the title of Moggy of the Week as he has recently acquired a little baby brother, Isaac, and feels a bit neglected at the moment, so he needs to be spoiled.”

Montpellier and his new wee baby brother, Isaac

Cats that act like big brothers and sisters, rather than throwing kitty tantrums, when a new addition to the family comes along are a rare treat – most cats are wary of babies, so not likely to take to them as well or as quickly as Montpellier has.

And, as if that’s not reason enough for him being selected as our Moggy of the Week, Stacey also told us that Montpellier’s best friend is a Staffie dog called Bobby.

Montpellier is a more traditional cat with his loves and dislikes though, as Stacey shared: “He loves tuna and cheesecake, and watching snooker on the TV. He also loves sleeping under the duvet and hanging from the curtains! He hates the hoover and loud noises though.”

Thankfully he’s not adverse to dogs or kids, eh Stacey!?!

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