Moving house again…

WANTED: Landlords that love pets!!!

As you all know, me, the Hubby Jim and our four (or so it was then before my surprise birthday present came in the form of wee Ripley last summer) rescue cats relocated to Scotland from Birmingham in November 2015. Now, just 18 months later, we are on the go again. We’ve not headed as far afield as our last relocation though. Instead, we moved out of one rented house in Fife to another, just five streets away from the last one.

Although this doesn’t seem like a big move, doing it right with five cats now – not the original four – was still something that needed to be done but I won’t go back over all of the moving tips I blogged about last time when we pulled off the relocation from England back to Scotland as you can just read about the methods, all of which we employed again, here:

Instead, what I want to talk, or rather have a wee rant, about here is just how difficult it was to find a rented property that takes pets! Now being one of many, many renters with cats and/or dogs, rabbits, hamsters, etc – you name it – I was stunned by how unavailable rental properties are for us lot. Sure, in the first week I checked, there were 17 three bedroom houses in the areas that we liked, which looked great for us. But upon calling to arrange viewings and disclosing that I have cats – NOT EVEN HOW MANY CATS, JUST THE FACT THAT I HAVE THEM AT ALL – I soon learned that only one – ONE!!!! – of these available homes for rent would actually allow pets.

The NO PETS rule

Now why on earth do estate agents not put that information very clearly on their descriptions of rental properties. NO PETS. It seems easy enough for me to type so why on earth don’t they have the time to do so themselves. It would certainly have made things easier for me not to have to call the agents for the other 16 NO PETS homes.

And what is it about having cats in your home that’s so off-putting for landlords anyway? The smell, the potential for scratches on the wall, the garden being ruined? Well it seems to me that the same can be said for babies and kids under three, but you don’t see landlords and estate agents discriminating against them now, do you!!!

Befriend your estate agents

My difficulties in finding a home to rent where the landlord would accept cats was in one word shocking! Luckily after speaking to every estate agent in the local area and schmoozing, wheedling and befriending them all, my persistence thankfully, finally paid off when I was offered first viewing of the house that we’ve moved into before it even came on the market.

We had previously viewed one of the landlord’s other homes and put in an application for it. But, as he was re-doing the wood flooring, he declined as he didn’t fancy having five cats move into a recently refurbished property with scratchable flooring throughout. We stayed on touch though and when one of his other homes in the same area came up for let, his estate agent contacted me and I viewed the house that same morning and accepted it there and then.

The one – finally!

I didn’t accept the house because it was one where my cats were welcome – although that was a consideration factor – but rather because it is close to a grass park for the cats and has an enclosed South-facing rear garden where they can relax and I can catch some rays during the summer.

Three weeks later – and a lot of packing in that time, which has provided the five Furry Babies with plenty of comfy boxes and suitcases for sleeping in around the old house – we moved into our new house.

We recycled the same tried and tested methods as they worked well the first time we did our house move and, with a slight bit of tweaking to accommodate the newest and youngest member of our pack – Ripley, who had never done a house move with us before, they again served us well. I think mainly because our kitties are no strangers to being moved from one house to another now. This latest move will be Buffy and Akira’s 4th home one now, and Caesar and Loki’s 3rd with us.

We’ve only been in here for just over two weeks now so everyone is still trying to get used to the place – as we haven’t let them outside as yet – but I’ll keep you updated as to how they take to this new property and just how long it takes for them to become 100% settled here.

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