My beautiful British tortoiseshell, Buffy


The only girl kitty in our (otherwise male-dominated!) family, Buffy is a beautiful Tortoiseshell British Shorthair. She’s calm and cool but if any of the boys try to mess with her she turns into one feisty mama. She’s always had a bit of an attitude but loves having her tummy rubbed.

She is also very loyal and far better behaved than any of the boys, who all respect her and let her lead them. She is definitely the leader of the pack.

Buffy has a lovely, distinctive blaze on the left hand side of her chin which makes it look very much like she’s smiling when her head is up and she’s looking directly at you. She is the bravest member of our pack and likes to keeps her eyes on what’s happening outside by lying on the kitchen window ledge and watching the world go by. She’s a big fan of over-radiator cat beds too – but only when the radiator is on and warm!

We got Buffy and her brother Akira at the same time, after a work colleague of Jim the Hubby’shad to give both cats up due to his new-born baby being unfortunately allergic to cats. Jim and I couldn’t be happier with this turn of events though as Buffy and Akira have been a wonderful addition to our then catless family.

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