A new no muss no fuss way to do the cat litter

Neater Scooper

Cleaning a cat’s litter box is never a pleasant chore so I was happy to give Neater Scooper – a new no mess, hands-free method for cleaning kitty litter trays – a go.

Available now from QVC for £18.50 (http://www.qvcuk.com/Neater-Scooper-Scoop-to-Bag-Cat-Litter-Scoop-with-75-Bags.product.507329.html) including 75 refillable scented liner bags, the Neater Scooper appears to be designed to lessen the burden of the daily cat litter chore.

Now £18.50 for 75 tray cleans may appear pricey to some but, to me, it is totally worth the money if you are a daily pooper scooper like me. Hubby Jim on the other hand is a once a week emptier – so he changes the entire litter tray once a week and does not, like me, do a removal of waste every morning.


Designed to be a clever way to tidy up cat litter, the Neater Scooper has a useful trap door design to lessen the cat litter burden and make cleaning the litter tray a whole lot easier. It allows you to simply scoop up and sift the waste from the cat litter through the grated teeth at the end. Once you have just the poop on your Neater Scooper grate, you simply flick your hand to open a trap door flap at the end, where you transfer the offending items to a scented – so odour minimising – baggy, that handily has tie handles so you can easily knot up and dump in the bin without having to touch anything by accident…we’ve all been there!!!

No more spilled litter is the promise and, although I’m not convinced by that claim, the scooping and bagging is certainly combined into one easy, simple and quick operation, eliminating the need to handle soiled bags, which is great.

No muss, no fuss!

As I said before, the Neater Scooper is a great – if a tad pricey – solution to an unpleasant task for cat parents. I definitely recommend this cat litter solution to everyone with their own Furry Friends though. It may not be the cheapest solution but it certainly works and I am a convert at least!

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