Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box – review

Never touch cat poop again. This rolling cat litter box is so easy to use.

My friend who got a new kitten couldn’t stand the thought of cleaning poop and the smell. She’s not been a cat person till now, you see, but even us cat people don’t like cat poop. Anyway, she’s been raving about this litter box so I had to share her experience. Here’s what she had to say:

“I read literally 100s of reviews before getting the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box. I would say 80% were positive.

I liked the facts that it was:

Hooded – so I don’t have to see the poop and the smell is somewhat contained

Self-cleaning – so this isn’t quite true as you have to do some rolling of the litter box to make the magic happen, but no scooping.

Which litter to use with Omega Paw?

In the reviews, they said that clumping litter was necessary, so again I looked for what brands and a few comments that caught my eye were around clumping litter from German discount stores, so I went to ALDI and for £1.55, I got 8kg of litter and it has been working a treat.

Space needed for Omega Paw

There are two box sizes and it seems that the large is for multi-cat households or large cats. As my kitten’s mama is a ragdoll, I went for the large box.

Now the large box is large with a couple of the dimensions over 50 cm, so you will need space to house the box and then roll it along your floor. You’ll need, I would say just over a meter of floor space in total.

Rolling, isn’t that quite physical?

If you have an injury then this may be hard on you, but I have weak wrists and not a great shoulder and the rolling actually isn’t that hard at all.


It takes less than one minute in total to empty the box.

Water repellent spray

We used a PTFE spray in the box at the bottom, so that any waste had less chance of sticking to the bottom.


This is worth the money. I bought from Zooplus for less than £30, but it’s gone up now, while in other places it was close to £50. But for your sanity, it’s worth every penny. And you will save money on litter, as you use clumping and don’t scoop any extra, because the filter will do that for you. I did look at robotic and fancy crystal litter trays but can’t justify £100 – £400 for my cat’s loo. The open trays that you can get for £1 make me heave and having litter all over the floor isn’t great. Of course kitten still tracks some litter, so I need to buy a litter mat, but that’s the case with most trays.


Make sure that the filter has the litter on the left, otherwise it won’t filter properly. You’ll know what I mean if you get one. Hopefully you won’t make that mistake!

Verdict: buy this if you have the space, money and can’t stand handling cat poop!”

My friend ended up using old door mats to stop the litter tracking, but I like the look of this mat or this one.

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