Oscar the jumper-wearing kitty

Laura Dunn has nominated her cat, Oscar, as this week’s Moggy of the Week and we thought he deserved to win as he is a very dear friend to Laura.

Laura has had Oscar, who is now 14 , since he was a kitten and he has been with her through the most difficult times of her life.

Acting as a comforting wee soul and being infinitely sweet and patient, Laura said that Oscar is also well-known for being tolerant of pretty much any animal that she and her family have welcomed into their home.

Having five rescue cats ourselves, who came one at a time years apart near enough, we know just how difficult some cats can be accepting new pack members so we’re always pleased when taking in new kitties and animals goes smoothly with the least amount of rejection or fuss from the others who have lived there for a while.

Laura even told us that Oscar is pals with the hens!

“Oscar was even seen allowing our hens’ chicks to nuzzle into his fur. He is my soul cat, and there will never be another like him. He is getting a little older, although he still plays like a kitten, so I want nothing more than to spoil my sweet, little, old chap.”

One way that Laura spoils Oscar is to allow him to wear a jumper or a scarf as – she said – he actually asks her to put it on if he sees it!

We love that and think he looks very distinguished and adorable.

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