Our mini-miaow, Loki

Loki close up - Twitter image

The kitten of our group, Loki – like Caesar – came to us as a stray. He was but a kitten when we found him under some bushes – thanks mainly to Caesar miaowing and drawing our attention to him actually.

We immediately took him to the vet and, as he was so young with again no microchip, the vet felt he had been born to a wild cat outdoors and that the mother had likely abandoned him.Now if that doesn’t tug at your heart then stop reading now as I instantly became his surrogate mother and, now three years old, Loki is a firm fourth member of our pack…or sixth if you include me and Jim the Hubby.

Loki is a Tabby American Shorthair cat with grey and white stripes patches all the way down his back and tail but a pure white belly and paws. Despite being three now, he still looks like he’s only a few months old and is energetic and slightly cheeky – but he’s cute so he gets away with it. In fact, he is so cute and diminutive that the vet initially thought that he was a girl. It was only when we had him neutered that the vet discovered he is in fact a boy, not a girl. That was one funny and unexpected call from the vets. So, as he is a boy we had to choose a non-girlie name for him. Loki was originally named Duchess – to keep in line the A-Z theme we were going for with the other three (Akira, Buffy and Caesar).

So Duchess became Loki, who was named after the Norse god of trickery as he is our own wee wily chief of mischief. He is forever bringing home friends and is more of an outdoor cat than all of the others put together. In fact he’s rarely in except when it’s extremely cold, like now.

During winter, Loki loves to snuggle up in clothes. In spring, summer and autumn, however, he is very energetic and an exceptional hunter. He kills rats and birds that are twice the size of him and then brings them home to ‘present’ them to me as gifts – contributing to our household, bless him.

Unusually, for a cat anyway, Loki is not afraidof water. In fact, we regularly find him sleeping in the sink and when we are in the shower, he lies on the matt beside us. He investigates everything and the proverb about “curiosity” and “cats” is especially true in his case.

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