Purr-nickety – a rare, delicious, healthy treat

Meowing Heads' Purr-nickety - expensive as everyday food but good for a rare treat

Meowing Heads’ Purr-nickety – expensive as everyday food but good for a rare treat

Cat food can cost a small fortune if, like me, you have more than one or two feline companions. So what can you do when you want to treat your cat to a tasty dinner without the ferocious price tag often associated with luxury brands like Gourmet and Sheba?

One choice is Meowing Heads’ “Purr-nickety” which, starting from £6.50 and going all the way up to £8 for 8 x 85 gram pods, is a wet cat food that costs a lot more than its closest rival – Gourmet – it’s double the price at the very least for the same amount of cat food, which is a wee bit out of my price range. The next brand along is Sheba, which frankly you could get an 18 pack of 85 g pods for, for the same price as the 8 x Meowing Heads.

Let’s think about it in terms of what a normal sized cat eats every day. Advice websites, vets and even the back of cat food cats indicate that one normal size cat eats around one tin of wet cat food or 2- 3 pouches with 100g of kibble/ dry biscuits. Essentially, the 8 x 85g pod pack of Meowing Heads would last the average cat around 3 – 4 days, meaning the poor – and I mean poor here – owner is forking out 2 – 3 times for an 8 pack every week.

This means – in terms of costs, a minimum of £13 per week – if the packs cost £6.50 each and you’re only buying 2 x 8 x 85 g packs – or, and this is far more likely, £24 – if the packs cost £8 each and you’re buying 3 x 8 x 85 g packs to ensure that you don’t run out and have to make a trip to a supermarket on a Sunday.

But what did my cats actually think of this premium, luxury brand cat food – well obviously they loved it and I’ll tell you why – because it is gently steamed and has over 60 per cent fresh fish and meat in every pod. With ingredients such as boneless salmon, dried fish and chicken, rice, chicken fat and oats plus vegetable fibre, to help prevent hairballs, it’s amazing for anyone with money wanting to provide their cats with a healthy, balanced  food including all of the essential nutrients needed to keep them energetic and alert, and to take good care pf their coats. But, for us mere mortals, even those of us working full time, despite my cats absolutely lapped up the Meowing Heads cat food, unfortunately the overall price is simply not realistic for cat owners like me to commit to buying it on a daily – nae weekly – basis.

I for one won’t be buying it again except on rare occasions when I am feeling flush and this type of extreme luxury cat food is what my cats deserve – as a special treat only. Perhaps for their birthdays???

This is a real shame as my cats did take to it like it was pure fish in a barrel but being realistic, even £13 minimum a week to keep them in this style of food is simply too much for me. I’d rather pay £13 for a selection of cheaper cat foods that would last me two weeks or a bumper pack of a traditional brand.

Perhaps Meowing Heads should consider reducing its price to a more realistic one for cat owners to buy more than pod pack every once in a while.

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