Rio Olympics versus Kitten Summer Games

Kitten Olympics - MAIN

Comparing the Rio Olympics to the Kitten Summer Games is no contest – the cute cat-letics would win, for me anyway!


Rio Olympics finished yesterday (Sunday 21 August) and, to be honest, I didn’t even watch a minute of the sporting event so it passed me by entirely. WHY? Because I have been utterly obsessed by the Hallmark Kitten Summer Games, which ran at the same time as the Olympics and the US Super Bowl.


I confess that I even shunned the Olympics’ famous opening ceremony to watch the Kitten Olympics’ feline superstar athletes in action instead. Well, in my opinion, the latter was a far better use of my time than staying up until daft o’clock UK time to watch the numerous countries’ athletes enter Rio’s Maracanã Stadium.


For those not yet familiar with the Kitty Olympics, as it is otherwise known on social media, the Hallmark Kitten Summer Games has only been aired on the Hallmark Channel since 2014. The annual event – known by our US counterparts as Kitten Bowl because it is shown head-to-head with the Super Bowl – is now in its second year and I only discovered it when searching for something to watch that wasn’t Rio Olympics-related. Not easy I tell you!


This summer’s Kitten Olympics’ event featured more than 100 “cat-letes” competing in events such as wrestling, the 100 metre dash, gymnastics – balancing on a beam, wrestling, tennis, volleyball – with catnip, the long jump and “boxing” (as in, kittens climbing into, onto and over boxes, not donning boxing gloves) – lol.


Hosted by Howard Stern’s wife, Beth, this fun diversion for those of us not into sport – yes, even if it is the Olympics! – included everything from Hissimone Biles and Bubbles the cats on a balance beam to Pepper, Hissing Bolt and Jingles in the 100 metre dash. One word sums it up fantastically – entertaining!


By the way, Howard Stern and his wife Beth are avid cat fans who have, themselves, adopted five cats – Walter, Apple, Leon Bear, Charlie Boy and Bella, who is blind.


It seems though that cats – unlike me – are interested in the Rio Olympics, as reported by none other than the Huffington Post. The reporter did however include a cute video of cats watching Olympic events for crazy cat people like me to watch cats watching the Olympics.


In the video, two kittens were transfixed by the trampoline event on Saturday 13 August, which was won by Belarus’ Uladzislau Hancharou – not that the cats cared about that. They were just enjoying following the action and practising their hunted and eye/paw co-ordination in catching the trampolinists mid-air.


I for one am looking forward to the next Olympics – no, not the official ones but Hallmark’s gem of an idea where fluffy bundles of kitten cuteness entertain me and my crazy cat-loving kind.


To see the winning cat-letes from the Hallmark Kitten Summer Games for yourself, visit here for the videos of these cute and totally adoptable felines in action:

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