Ripley – my larger than life, brave kitty

Ripley MoW

With it being my birthday this week, I am naming my early birthday present and fifth rescue cat, my brand new kitten Ripley, Moggy of the Week.

Yes I appreciate it’s a bit self-serving but I think I should be allowed to make this one wee exception – and she is super cute and adorable so totally deserves to be honoured this week. Ripley started the week with a small toilet bowl mishap – falling in and nearly drowing herself – but we’ve ended it with her starting to climb the walls, literally!

Climbing the walls

Ripley is now so comfortable in her new home that she’s taken to climbing everything she can – walls, curtains, bedding, clothes hanging on a drier. You name it! She has even caught Jim the Hubby and me unawares by using our bare legs and arms as tethers for her claws as she mounts the sofa or wherever we are sitting 🙂

Ripley is a pure handful likes, but she is also so cheeky and curious and talkative, that we can never stay mad at her. In fact, she’s developing a rather ‘amusing’ habit of miaowing plaintively if we tell her off or nibbling our fingers if we wag them at her. So soon all is forgiven….every single time – crafty kitten!

Ripley 6

Ripley has brought so much joy into my life already – and she’s only 10 weeks old – and our other four stray cats are also slowly but surely taking to her. She’s a brave new addition to our small family and we are sure that soon enough the others – Akira, Buffy, Caesar and Loki – won’t remember us not having had her as part of our wee family of Furry Babies.

I honestly just can’t stop taking pictures of her, but I think we’re all the same with our kids, aren’t we!?!!!

Keep an eye on Ripley and see all of her – and the other four rescue cats’ – growing up in pictures on Instagram:

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