Ripley update: How are the other cats taking to our new kitten?


The group eating together - the only shot I can get of them all happy!
The group eating together – the only shot I can get of them all happy!

It’s been one week since we adopted our fifth cat – so how are our other four kitties taking to her?

They are all still getting used to our new addition – the girl kitten Ripley – but then the last time we had a new member of the pack was six years ago, when Jim the Hubby and I adopted Loki; a stray that we had found in the garden back in our old home in Birmingham BEFORE our relocation to Scotland.

The entire pack are all treating her very differently – and this week of having Ripley here in our midst has taught me a lot about how some of our cats have remained kitten-esque despite their advancing years while some of our cats are just plain cantankerous – no matter what!

Akira, our beautiful black Bombay, is a massive cat – very big and heavy and dominating in stature but he has avoided Ripley all week and is continuing to avoid her in a very resolute manner. He spends most of his time upstairs asleep on my bed and the introduction of our new kitten, Ripley, into the house has not changed this one iota. He is still resolutely avoiding her by spending all of his time upstairs in bed – his usual spot so no problem there!

Buffy, once our only girl and now our other girlie, is also avoiding Ripley for the time being. But that’s her way – she avoided Caesar for about two years after we adopted him and she wouldn’t go near Loki for longer than that. I feel a bit sorry for introducing a new kitty to our pack so soon after her finally accepting Loki – our most recent adoption, bar Ripley – but, as the only other girl in our group, I’m sure her and Buffy will (eventually) become close.

Caesar isn’t all that keen on the new kitten. However, being our oldest pack member – in age rather than the number of years that we’ve had him mind – Ripley is probably just a tad too young and energetic for him for now. Hopefully she’ll calm down as she gets older and he will learn to accept her exuberance.

Loki surprisingly has taken to Ripley like she’s his very own kitten. They play together and Jim the Hubby thinks that Loki – the greatest and most successful hunter in our whole family of cats – is teaching her some of his expert hunting skills. It’s really cute to watch them together. Ripley is more his age (well five years his junior, but that’s still closer in age than the eight years between Ripley and Buffy and Akira, and over ten years in age between her and Caesar) so they have a lot more in common than she does with the other kitties at this point.

Cute fuzzy close up - MOW

Ripley is totally gorgeous though so I am sure my wee furry family will take to her in their own time – she is after all, a totally fluff monster – look at her.

I’m not pushing anyone into liking her though as, I am sure all other cat owners will tell you too, cats do things their own way in their own good time.

Once everyone has spent a bit more time with Ripley, hopefully they will settle into being a slightly more extended pack than we were before and we can go back to having a calm and happy family of SEVEN – including me and Jim the Hubby likes – eeks!

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