Robert Dyas has the best pressies for pet-lovers, in stock now

We’re sticking with the festive theme this week, with some news that has just hit our Inbox, from retailer Robert Dyas that it has a range some of the best presents for the nation’s pet lovers in stock now, just in time for Christmas.

According to  44% of homes in the UK own a pet. With around 54 million pets in the UK, making 44% of homes having one of their own, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA)’s 2017 report revealed that 1-in-4 households own a dog (8.5 million) and 1-in-5 households are home to a cat (8 million). So when you’re buying something for the others in your home, why wouldn’t you also pick up a little something for the cat (or dog, bunny, lizard, fish!???!!!) too.

Jodie Harris, Christmas Gifts Buyer at Robert Dyas, told us: “Today, pets take centre stage as the stars of Instagram and Facebook and at Robert Dyas we know people enjoy treating their pets to Christmas presents. So, to put a smile on your followers faces we have selected our favourite creative gifts for animal fanatics and their furry companions.”

The pet photo booth

Make your pets the star of the show with the pet photo booth (£7.99) set by Paladone. Ideal for cats and small dogs, you can send your beloved companion on their own animal adventure, and the set comes with five easy-to-assemble cubes all featuring exciting scenes that will turn your pet into a superhero, cowboy, Viking, astronaut and many other exciting characters – all ready to be captured on film, to share with family and friends.

Create hilarious photographs with your pet using one of the wacky floor mats Robert Dyas has on sale, with built-in fantastic optical illusions (£7.99). These allow you to turn your furry friend into a giant walking around in a miniature city road scene or an arctic explorer on a floating iceberg. Your cat and/or dog could even become a bold adventurer peering into a mysterious tunnel. These fun and funky mind-bending mats are sure to provide you and your kids – big and small – with hours of fun, especially if you share the fun photos online.

Music and tech-loving cat gifts

Now we’ve already recommended this cool Cat Deck DJ scratch post in our Christmas 2017 gift ideas post, but if you and your household (pet included) love music then it really is the perfect addition. Not only does it provide you with a miniature furry DJ of your own but it also offers peace of mind that your table legs and chairs will be left looking pristine and not fall victim to the claws.

There is even a cat scratch laptop (£14.99) for felines more drawn to lying on laptops and keyboards, LOL. Along with the specially designed scratching pad, a fluffy mouse will make sure your cat will no longer feel left out when you are working hard at your desktop. You can also print out a screensaver to liven up the miniature laptop. Your clever cat will love getting their claws stuck into this!

Bath-time and sockimal

For those brave enough to actually bathe their pets, this adorable bath pug plug will mean you can say goodbye to boring bath times, but perhaps not the scratches – sorry, there is only so much a bath plug can do on that front peeps.

One of Jodie’s favourites, available only in selected stores, are the colourful collection of sockimals that Robert Dyas has. She said: “If you are crazy about animals you can liven up your sock draw with a selection of colourful sockimals (£4.99 in store only). Perfect for round the house or even to work, always take a pair of animals with you. Sockimals come in a range of styles, so whether you like cats, dogs or even penguins, there is an animal for everyone. These adventurous stocking fillers are available as one-size-fits-all.”

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