Rosa chosa her new home

Rosa, a 7 year old ginger and black tabby cat, is our Moggy of the Week.

We chose Rosa as her sassy determined nature to live exactly where she knew she really belonged made everyone here in the MyMoggiesandMe offices all laugh out loud.

Rosa’s mum, Diane Ayres, told us the whole story:

“Rosa (my cat) was acquired around 7 years ago as a tiny kitten along with her sister by an ex-neighbour. It didn’t take Rosa long to decide that she wanted to live with us, as she was always coming to see us. While still a baby herself both her and her sister had a litter of kittens each, sadly. Rosa decided that she was having her kittens in our house, which she did under the bed in one of the bedrooms. We obviously had to get her own owners to come, and her and kittens were taken back ‘home’. Rosa was having none of that though and it became a daily ritual for her to carry the kittens one at a time over to us and hide them behind a bed.

Homes were found for all the kittens by her owner. She was never spayed and was soon expecting her second set of kittens. A short while later we got up early one morning and found Rosa sitting on our lawn in a dreadful state, shaking all over and with a large wound on her side. She had been attacked by something (maybe a fox) overnight. She pulled through but sadly shortly after being released from the animal hospital she started to miscarry her kittens in my home. None survived and both Rosa and her sister were handed over to our local cat’s protection league by her owner.

We missed her so much that we rang the cat’s protection and within a week she was officially our cat. She is now a happy and healthy cat and never strays far from our sides.  She does have a comical side though. A couple of times a week she will go mad and run all over the house and up and down the stairs as fast as she can, ending up diving under the rug in our sitting room. We have no idea why!”

We’re so happy to hear that Rosa determination to live with the Ayres paid off and that, secretly, they had loved her just as much before she officially became their own kitty too.

Diane says that Rosa has taken to living with her and her family well and that, as a rescue cat, she has taken “full advantage of the underfloor heating” and “is now back to full health with a really glossy coat”.

Here’s to the determination of Rosa and to her happy life with the Ayres family.

One thought on “Rosa chosa her new home

  1. Thank you featuring Rosa as your ‘moggie of the week’, I really do appreciate it , and I’m sure Rosa does too. xx

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