Sweet Sascha Scott – a pre-Xmas gift


This little bundle of cuteness is Sascha Scott, an 11 week old kitten that we’ve chosen as our pre-Christmas Moggy of the Week.

Sascha lives with her dad, Mike, in Norwich and was a pre-Christmas gift to him after his sister, Lucy, forgot his birthday in November.

Mike said: “Sascha was an unexpected, but very welcome, surprise present. She is so small that I was scared to pick her up or even pet her to being with, in case I hurt her. Now though she’s finally starting to get bigger and I know, from experience, that she’s completely fearless and loves to climb up curtains and walls and jump off them.”

I know from having my very own little tuxedo kitten, Ripley, that these furry babies are more inquisitive than adults so can get themselves into mischief easily and regularly!!!

I wish Mike all the best in bringing Sascha up and trying to keep an eye on her while she’s running him ragged.



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