Six pix to celebrate six weeks on Instragram

I’ve been a part of the Instagram scene for just over six weeks now and, as six is my lucky number, I thought today would be a good one to celebrate….by sharing six of my favourites from the photos that I have shared via my account since I joined this crazy pics world back in March.

There were so many to choose from and, personally, I think that all of them are gorgeous and show just how amazing and adorable my four stray cats – that I rescued and adopted – are! But, if I had to pick my favourite six then these ones jump out at me the most:

Caesar not looking like he’s ready for it to be morning – and time for waking up – quite yet


My beautiful girl Buffy on our kitchen counter giving me the loving eyes for some food


An extreme close up of our miniest miaow, the little adventurer Loki


Akira, my Bombay black BFG, keeping my side of the bed warm


Loki and Caesar’s reaction to my new shoes – OK, I may have selected this pic just cos my shoes are so pretty


Loki checking out the Scottish snow, which (considering it’s like 90 degress in the shade now!) is funny as that was only last week

To see what these four rescue cats get up to on a day to day basis, be sure to follow us on Instagram:

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