AI litter tray keeps tabs on your fur bay’s health

Sharp Corp.’s Pet Care Monitor | SHARP CORP. / VIA KYODO

Sharp Corp. has designed a smart new AI-powered kitty litter tray (which goes on sale online from 30th July), named the Pet Care Monitor, that analyses felines’ urine enables users to check their pets’ health data via smartphones.

The smart cat toilet works by using sensors to collect relevant information, including an animal’s weight and urine analysis, and then sends the data to an AI program via the Internet. Next, the AI system analyses the data it collects to make sure your cat isn’t suffering from any detectable kidney or urinary tract issues etc. It will look at the cat’s weight, urine volume and frequency, and length of time spent on the toilet.

If any abnormalities are detected in the cat’s health, such as spending an unusually long time on the toilet or if the quantity of urine changes and becomes either abnormally large or small, the AI program sends a report containing all of that information, along with the cat’s daily health data, to the kitty parent’s smartphone, via its Cocoro Pet remote monitoring app, so they can seek advise from their vet.

At this point the smart litter box is only being offered in Japan, where it will sell for ¥24,800 (which is roughly £170), plus a small monthly fee of ¥324 (£2.25) per month for the Cocoro Pet remote monitoring app but we think it is an excellent idea and hope it proves successful, so they expand the offering globally. We know that we’d buy it as that seems like a small price to pay to prevent any health issues in our furry babies.

Taking advantage of the technologies it owns, Sharp plans to focus on developing further healthcare products for pets in future, as the company said it will consider tapping into the overseas pet market in the future. We think this type of new technology is essential for keeping an eye on the health of elderly cats, like our very own Buffy and Caesar.

“Pets are now considered as part of the family and IoT technology has been used little in the pet market,” Yoshisuke Hasegawa, a senior executive managing officer, said at a news conference in Tokyo. “We joined the market with the aim of expanding our business and realizing a ‘smart’ life.”

We’ll let you know when we hear of any more!

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