Sooty Healey – 16 years young

This week’s Moggy of the Week is a beautiful black cat named Sooty, whose mum, Linda Healey, says is 16 years young.

Sooty lives in East Preston – West Sussex,  about a mile from the sea, and was a rescue cat that Linda adopted back in November 2000 when he was just 6 months old. Linda adopted Sooty and his brother, who sadly died in May 2002.

Linda told us: “Sooty is the boss, he inspects everything  and is very nosy,  especially if we have tradesmen working on our bungalow.  He has been head gardener and  building inspector to name just a few of his jobs so far!  He greets all our guests and has a good walk all over the chair they are sitting in.  His favourite game is throwing his catnip mouse in the air and fighting with it, he also likes the catnip plants in the garden. ”

In fact, Linda says, Sooty helps her when she is doing the gardening and housework. He is also the perfect watch(dog)cat and, although he may be old, he is like most cats and still loves playing with anything catnip and even has his own patch of catmint in the garden.

Since he has gotten older though, he also spends as much time as possible asleep either on Linda or basking in the sunshine in his basket.

He has a prescription diet for renal failure (diagnosed at the early stages) and occasionally has cooked meat or fish from his mum.

When we asked Linda what Sooty doesn’t like, she immediately replied “the vacuum cleaner, hairdryers, dogs or next door’s cat because he is a bully”.

And his favourite drink? “Dirty rainwater and goats milk” Linda told us.

Sooty is our Moggy of the Week as Linda said he is “the most loving cat I’ve ever had and has a very odd  sounding miaow.  He has always been my constant companion and is never far away from me.”

We think cats are great company and are happy to see that Sooty and Linda have a wonderful close relationship, even if he does think he’s the boss!


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