Spot-on! Flea treatment for £1


Online discount store, Poundshop has just released a four week cat and kitten flea treatment for, yes you guessed it, £1! And that’s not all…….

Poundshop also has a two piece flea comb set to check whether your kitty is crawling, a complete flea detection kit and a dog flea and tick spot-on repellent too – all for the price of just £1.

Now I’m not saying that Poundshop’s spot-on flea treatment – which is for cats and kittens over 12 weeks old – will effectively keep fleas at bay for the entire four weeks that it claims but, with other flea brands costing more than £1 for one single vial of the spot-on treatment liquid, surely it’s worth giving a go.

If you do try Poundshop’s flea treatment, whether you are impressed or not, please do let us know by sharing your feedback and thoughts on it here.

The postage is £3 for standard UK delivery or £5 for next working day delivery for each basket – so more than one item still costs only one postage price. As such, it’s probably worth stocking up on a few other things while you’re there too.

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