The Story of Cats – continued

ITV's The Story of Cats
ITV’s The Story of Cats

Following me watching the first episode of this ITV series on the cats, the second episode, “Cute Response”, kept me hooked. It told the story of how kittens trigger an emotional reaction in humans and why their almost baby-like cute features make us want to take care of them.

As a parent to FOUR stray cats, I can certainly attest to how true this is and it is perhaps unsurprisingly part of the reason why us humans decided to take this formerly wild predator-type animal into our homes.

So why do cats make such popular pets?

The second episode showed us how the cat’s amazing senses and mouse-catching prowess brought man and cat together ten thousand years ago and concluded that as the domestic cats in our homes are still evolving – and will in the future become even more domesticated – we are only likely to become even more soft and nurturing towards them. This is the hold that cats have over their owners and parents like me.

Episode three, “Super Cats” was, sadly, the last in the series. It looked at the wild predator cats that break all the usual feline rules and showed us the different species that have adapted to behave very differently to typical household kitties and even their tiger and lion cousins. These changes in behaviour allow adaptive cats like jaguars to swim underwater and snow leopards to be able to live in – and survive – freezing temperatures and even snowstorms. These cats have effectively developed super powers to survive in the most unlikely landscapes.


This the series says is why cats have become some of the world’s most successful predators ever but I am still glad that the four I have in my house are the cute, super domesticated versions.

I was really impressed by this series and am just a bit disappointed that after only three episodes it’s over with now. Mind you, I am cat obsessed so can always watch more kitty-dedicated programmes…..if there are any I’ve perhaps missed then please feel free to recommend them to me!

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