Striking Chimera cat epitomises diversity

Venus MoW

Venus – a stunning and very distinctly coloured Chimera split face cat – is our Moggy of the Week, thanks to her half tiger, half panther kitty looks. Truly embracing diversity as a whole, this striking cat is one that we can all love after recent events in Orlando, Florida.

Venus fast turned into an internet sensation due to her striking split appearance. Her black panther side has a traditional cat’s eye colour, but her ginger tiger side has a striking blue eye, making Venus look like some sort of demi-God feline.

This five year old kitty lives in Florida with her parents Christina and Chris and theit three children.

Her mummy, Christina, said: “We fell in love with Venus at first sight as she is a mixture of both of our previous cats. We got her from a dairy farm in North Carolina in 2009, where she was a stray, and brought her back to the home that we share with their three children in Florida, and were astonished that the line down her face was so distinct.”

Christina went on to comment that people have accused her and Chris of dying Venus’ fur – but the reality is that their pet was simply ‘born this way’.

We chose Venus as this week’s Moggy of the Week as a celebration of diversity – a recent post on Venus’ Facebook page brings that aspiration home too: ‘No matter how different you are, love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections! We all have them. Be true to yourself and don’t change for anyone! We’re not all supposed to be the same. Our differences are what makes us unique which makes everyone one of a kind.’

But just how Venus got such unusual and amazing looks is a question that Leslie Lyons, a professor at the University of California, Davis, can answer.

“Venus is ‘extremely, extremely rare’, but her appearance could be explained. Black coloration was randomly activated in all the cells on one side of her face while she was developing. The orange colouration was activated on the other and they met in the middle of her body while she was in the womb.”

Basically, little Venus is a product of two embryos that merged to make a truly unique kitty.

Visit Venus on Instragam and,while you’re there, drop by MyMoggiesandMe’s page to see what my four strays Caesar, Loki, Buffy and Akira are up to.

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