Super social Finley Taylor

Super social and friendly black cat, Finley Taylor, is our after-the-summer Moggy of the Week.

Finley’s dad, Harry, told us that “he’s a super friendly and super adventurous kitty who really could do with some toys and treats to keep his busy brain active!”

It certainly looks to us, from the photo Harry sent in, that Finley is an uber active cat too – here he is balancing on the toilet. We wonder if Finley’s friendly relations extend to keeping his dad company in the bathroom, lol!

The proof of Finley being a super social butterfly? Harry has that!

“Finley is a massive socialite and goes into all the neighbours’ houses….he even got a valentines card from a cat down the road called Roy.”

We think that is just the cutest – our five rescue cats, Loki, Buffy, Akira, Ripley and Buffy, are all very friendly too but none of them have received Valentine’s cards… yet anyway.

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