The littlest hobo, Caesar aka CeCe Bloom


Caesar came to us as a stray who, quit simply, we found in our garden one day. Now we didn’t just lift him up and take him in straight away. Instead, we built up a slow but steady trust relationship with him over four weeks of daily visits before we were able to lift him into a cat basket and take him to the vets to see if he had a microchip.

He did not and the vet confirmed that poor wee Caesar had obviously been stray for many years –as he was skinny, with matted hair, fleas, deep scratches and scars all over him – very ragged looking, with a nick out of his ear, which we think came from a previous owner having pierced his ear.

I’m honestly not sure what type of cat Caesar is – perhaps he’s a kitty mongrelas he’s got the fluffy face of a Persian but the rest of his coat is short haired.

Caesar is the softie of our pack though – he’s taken really well to our homeand, since joining our family, has put on a fair few pounds. All he does is sleep so we’re sure he’s making up for all of the nights when he was a stray and had to stay awake and on his toes.

He’s only ever comfortable when he’s lazing on someone’s lap – be it me, Jim the Hubby or any visitor’s. He also eats everything! This is another reason why we know he was a stray as he always perks up and is very interested in fatty take away foods such as pizza, chips and donor kebabs. Basically he wants to eat like it’s the end of the big night out every single day!

Despite being a softie and sleeping all day and night, Caesar’s life on the street has made him a tough cookie. He is scared of no-one and nothing– not even the vacuum cleaner or strangers – but he also respects the other cats even though he could rule the roost if he wanted to.


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