The weird and wonderful places that cats sleep!

Loki likes to sleep in the sink
Loki likes to sleep in the sink

Since getting all four of my stray cats, I have become attuned to the adage that cats can quite literally sleep “anywhere, any time, any how”. From squeezing themselves into tiny enclosed spaces like flower vases to relaxing in the sink like Loki does. Cats adore privacy so are well-known for finding themselves the weirdest and wackiest of spots to drop off in.

Akira loves to sleep on the arm of chairs and is constantly falling off of them due to his sheer size. He also has a preference for dozing in drawers. His wee brother, Loki, on the other hand prefers to wrap up in clothing at the bottom of my wardrobe is his current favourite sleeping spot!

Caesar tends to stick to wherever in the house is warmest, so can usually be found taking a proactive positon under – or on top of – radiators. Buffy has a wee radiator bed that she pretty much lives in but, when not there, I often find her either in an airing cupboard or lying on my keyboard beside my PC. Why she loves to lie on my keyboard is a total mystery to me likes, but she is very difficult to move when she’s settled and I’m trying to work.

Cats more often than not will use your bed as their own. Caesar is a fan of spending the night elongated across the entire middle of my bed, with me being used only for additional heat whenever he need sit – via him lying on top of my feet and waking me up. Buffy on the other hand likes to wrap herself around the top of my head – basically becoming a purring headscarf/earmuffs – lying on my pillow and throttling me with her tail.

Some places that cats choose to sleep in simply do not look comfortable at all but, for some bizarre reason, our felines find that they love napping on the top of stereo equipment, for example, or clothes dryers. Perhaps it’s the warmth factor, which may be why Buffy likes lying on my keyboard, or the vantage point advantage those types of sleeping places offer felines who want to sleep while keeping a closed eye on the household’s goings on.

As a mother to four strays cats – and with it still being winter cold outside – I would be remiss if I did not include a note at the end of this post asking all drivers to check that they do not have a cat asleep under their car or van’s hood before starting their engine. Cats like warmth and there is nothing warmer – to an outside kitty with no warm home to go to – than underneath, or as close as they can get to, the engine of a recently parked vehicle.

Loki likes to wake up Hubby Jim by using him as a pillow
Loki likes to wake up Hubby Jim by using him as a pillow

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