Tibby is her parents’ wee babba

It’s been brought to our attention that the last few Moggies of the Week have all been beautiful Bombay blacks or tuxedo kitties, which we really hadn’t realised until it was pointed out to us….so this week we have gone against the recent grain and changed things up by picking a cute wee white and tabby kitten by the name of Tibby as our Moggy of the Week.

It really wasn’t all that difficult to see why Tibby’s parents Scott and Lynn Coleman, from Ringwood in Hampshire, think of Tibby as their “wee baba”.

Not only is she cute and affectionate, but she’s also a very good girl and Scott told us “my wife adores her” and is “very protected over her”.

Having our very own kitten, Ripley, we totally understand just how childlike they are and, despite being mischievous and full of energy – usually at the worst times, like the middle of the night or first thing in the morning – just how much pleasure they can bring. We all consider Ripley as our youngest child, so it really is no surprise that Scott and Lynn also see wee Tibby, who they both describe as “adorable and affectionate”, as their wee baba.

Here’s to you kitten and making your mummy and daddy so happy. Long may it continue!


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