Tinkerbell Lee now has a Disney-style life

Tinkerbell Lee

Now as you all know, we here at MyMoggiesandMe are advocates of adopting kitties in need of furr-ever homes, so when we heard little Tinkerbell Lee’s story the decision to reward her and her mum, Viv, for looking after one another was an easy one.

Viv told us that she “found Tinkerbell starving and flea ridden in our garden and, after trying to trace an owner – to no avail, we adopted her”.

Viv contacted her local vet and, with the vet’s help, nursed wee Tinkerbell back to health. By that time, Viv and her family had well and truly fallen in love with Tinkerbell.

Viv said: “She is truly an angel, loving and perfect, She has been through so much and needs spoiling forever!”

Adopting a stray is a truly amazing thing for anyone to do – and, from my experience of adopting five Furry Babies, I know for a fact that they appreciate it and make very loving companions. For anyone worried about adopting a cat, simply contact your local vet to have them checked over and, if like Tinkerbell, they are suffering from fleas, getting rid of the little blighters is easy: http://www.mymoggiesandme.co.uk/the-nightmare-that-is-cat-fleas/

We love that Tinkerbell is in a great home, with Viv, where she will indeed be spoiled and given TLKC (tender loving kitty care). Good on you Viv for giving Tinkerbell a better life and a loving, happily-ever-after home.

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