Our 2017 Christmas competition winner is…..

Our Christmas 2017 prize giveaway competition ended on Monday (06 November) and one lucky winner has been chosen at random to win the two pet behaviour books, written by Trevor Warner, and the funky fish-shaped cat food bowl by Flying Tiger.

A quick note before we announce who the winner is though – there were only a few people who were smart-thinking enough to follow, like and share both the Twitter and Facebook launch posts – essentially doubling their chances of being picked. And, it was one such savvy entrant – Elizabeth Cooke – that we are now giving our congratulations to, as the winner of this year’s Christmas gift giveaway competition.

In addition to following, liking and sharing both our social media launch posts, Elizabeth also commented on our post with a photo of her gorgeous cat asleep on the back of a chair, saying “I’d love to learn more about my best furry friend Tommy, I wonder what he’s dreaming about here lol”.

We know that Elizabeth will appreciate this prize, as she said, it would help give her insight into what Tommy is thinking, or what he’s dreaming of. Elizabeth had told us that “he does twitch a lot though so I’m guessing some exciting dreams! He usually stops after some strokes”.

There were only a few savvy entrants that had, just to make sure, liked and shared every single reminder post too, which we appreciated – and they were mostly all men, most notably name-checking Adrian Bold, who also sent in a really awesome pic of a cat in the most unusual of cat-napping positions (see below) and had wished everyone else luck too – what an ace guy.

When we asked him whether this was his cat, Adrian replied: ” Probably just emulating me. I often nod off watching the TV like this”  – ha ha ha!

We would have had such a difficult time picking just one winner, if it hadn’t been random selection, as there were a fair few that made us laugh or which saw the entrants send in really cute photos of their own cats so, in recognition of those, here are some that made us smile.

We also had veterinary students and pet photographers entering, some of whom had the best kitty profile photos we have ever seen – our personal favourite was Betsy Rose’s – and we even had this stunning wee Santa Paws’d pooch Muffin’s mum, Emma Jane Holder, enter.

There were even entries from super pet-friendly households that told us they had dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and lizards – all together in the same home. We had such a wide variety of entries and, although not everyone could win, we just wanted to let everyone who had entered this year’s Christmas giveaway competition know how much we appreciated your photos and messages – thank you!

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