Beautiful Bassette – the wall-climber

Beautiful Bombay Black,  Bassette, is an energetic three year old.

His mum Rachel Stephenson told us that he has come on a lot in the last year but, to begin with, as a kitten he scratched the walls of her house non-stop – cheeky!

Thankfully, he has stopped and is much better behaved now.

Bassette’s mum, Rachel Stephenson said: “Aside from being scared of pills and flea treatments, he is quite a strong character and doesn’t really seem to be scared of anything. He’s a bit too brave at times. He likes a lot of attention, greets you when you get home and hates it when me and my partner  are in a room together and he can’t get in. He also likes to wake you at 4:30 am to watch him eat.”

We think Bassette is a real keeper so, we reward him with our Moggy of the Week accreditation.

If your kitty is still climbing the walls and shredding your wallpaper though, here are a few handy hints to divert their attention and to get them to stop – fast:

  • Put a scratch post in front of the area that they like to claw at – they will instead start (hopefully) using the scratch post rather than your walls/wallpaper to sharpen their claws – corner wall cat scratch posts are ideal for this as you attach them directly to the wall where your kitty has been scratching already so there is no break in habit – just the scratch post gets used instead of your wall. These are super easy to pick up from pet shops and online retailers like Amazon, and only cost £10 – 20, so won’t break the bank.
  • Change your wallpaper from a raised texture one – cats LOVE blown vinyl as it gives them something to scratch into and along – to a smooth, shiny one, as they won’t be interested in scratching that replacement;
  • Using a solution of 2 parts white vinegar to 3 parts water to clean down the area he or she is scratching at as this scented ‘soap’ will be a deterrent. You can also replace the white vinegar with biological washing powder, Zoflora or surgical spirits if you run out, as those work just as well – take it from me, with my wee kitten Ripley to wall-scaler, I know!
  • Finally, you can put a plastic surface in front of the area your feline is scratch friendly with as cats aren’t all that keen on walking on thick plastic sheeting – like the stuff you put down when painting.



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