The BBC introduces us to ‘Big Cats’ in amazing detail

BBC 1, Big Cats, 11 January 2018 at 20:00

Following the success of ITV’s ‘The Story of Cats’ TV show, ‘Big Cats’ is a new three-part series starting on Thursday (11th January) on BBC at 8pm.

“Cats are naturally secretive, elusive and cryptic animals. Only now have the latest developments in filming technology, and a surge in cat research, enabled us to bring the cat superstars out of the shadows.”

Episode 1 will introduce us to the lions of Tanzania, which form huge super prides in order to hunt giants. Amongst cats, lions are unusual as they are the only cat types to live in groups. This is because of the strength they have in large numbers, to hunt even the most formidable prey.

In Sri Lanka though, the tiny rusty-spotted cat, which is 200 times smaller than a lion and the smallest of all cats, explores its grounds alone, relying on speed and its unnoticeable size to creep around sneakily.

The Canadian lynx – a sister breed to the American bobcat – lives further north than any other cat on the planet and relies solely on its speedy ability to track down and catch snowshoe hares to eat, in order to survive and see it through even the most bitter, cold winters. Until now, lynx kitties were creatures of mystery, but now technology provides an insight into their secret lives – something that this new BBC series will show us in great detail.

Although the big, non-domestic kitty cat is a steely and scary predator, it is also (similarly to the traditional house pet type of cat) soft, emotional and loving, super intelligent animals that deserve recognition for how truly amazing they are.

Two of the stars of the first episode to look out for are an African leopard named Honey that has worn a radio collar for the past 10 years, allowing scientists to follow her movements and take a sneak peek at her life’s every twist and turn. We will see just how she is battling to raise a cub in one of the worst droughts in the last decades, while in the Himalayas, we meet a snow leopard that is one of the world’s most lonesome cats, as he searches for a mate. This could well be the one and only chance he has to mate for his entire life, so don’t miss out on seeing if he succeeds and who the lucky lady, if he finds one, is in this amazingly close and in detail series, by the BBC.

Visit here to meet all of the cats that the BBC intends to introduce us to during the three-part series: and view the trailer here:




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